📖 A doc tool can assist you to develop libraries & write docs.

Out of the box

Elegant default configrations and convention routing assist developers to get started as simple as possible, that focus all attentions on developing libraries & writting docs

For developing libraries

Rich Markdown extensions are not limited to rendering component demos, making component documents not only easy to write and manage, but also beautiful and easy to use

Theme system

Progressive custom theme capabilities, ranging from expanding your own Markdown tags to customizing complete theme packages, are up to you

API automatically generated

Component API can be automatically generated based on TypeScript type definitions, and components will always be『the same in appearance』

Mobile component library development

Install the theme package to quickly enable mobile component R&D capabilities, built-in mobile HD rendering solution

Asset dataization capabilities

One-line command digitizes component assets, and standardized asset data can be connected with downstream productivity tools

Who are using


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